Music School of Westchester

Why should you choose the MSW ?
Because our students can play !
You are invited to come to hear our students. They perform on a regular basis at the New Rochelle Public Library, at Carnegie Hall, or at our Facilities, and you will hear the difference !

We offer professional instruction to children and adults in all instruments as well as theory, composition and voice. And more importantly, we know how to get children inspired and fulfill their potential.

Why should my child study music ?
Musical training helps develop language and reasoning : Students who have early musical training usually develop better language and reasoning. Music improves hand-eye coordination.
Music brings a sense of achievement : . Students who master even the smallest goal in music will be able to feel proud of their achievement.
Emotional development : Musicians are more emotionally developed, music help reduce stress and anxiety.
Music builds imagination and intellectual curiosity : Music can help foster a positive attitude toward learning and helps develop imagination and creativity.

Since its creation in 1983, the MSW has become one of the finest music institutions in Westchester and has taught thousands of students from both the local community and more than 50 other countries.
Its faculty includes over 35 dedicated teachers, all prominent artists.